The Mad about Coco Team

Anita, The Founder and HEad of Mad about Coco

From 2003 to 2011 I was studying Educational Science and Psychology at the University of Hamburg, Germany and undertook a psychological counselor training for 3 years. I hold a Master degree in Educational Science. In 2013, after several Ayurvedic treatments in Varkala I joined a one year course in Hamburg/ Germany to become an Ayurvedic Therapist. While working together with an Ayurveda Doctor in Varkala for the first two seasons I deepened my knowledge.
First time I came to Varkala was in 2007 and since then I came back almost every year. There’s something about this place that will make you stay longer as planned and come back again and again. As soon as I finished my Ayurveda course in March 2014 I came to Varkala to start this project that was primarily concentrating on traditional Ayurvedic treatments.
Since October 2016, we changed the name from ‚Ayurvidya Canopy‘ to ‚Mad about Coco‘, the Team was changing and growing and we expanded immensely. Now we are offering 13 rooms in three houses and we are running a small café for our guests and a Spa on our premises.
Having lots of space and facilities on offer we are now focussing on group bookings, especially for Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training Courses. We invite Yoga Teacher from all over the world to run their own Retreats on our premises.

Shine, Manager


Sumesh, Assitant Manager, Housekeeping Supervisor & Allrounder 


Sheela, Housekeeper


Shyla, Yogateacher


Niyas, Driver


Binod, Supporter & Owner of Darjeeling Café